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love makes the world go round

lie to me and say its gonna be alright

24 September
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i love photography im not to bad at it. i like to sing and write songs.i work for trash the stage. im one of the photographers and reviewers on the site. i go to as many shows/concerts as i can. i support the local scene. i like local bands like wide of the mark,this day and age,cherrybing,jinxed,bensin,a loss for words,tears of tomorrow,fish's eddy,ill at ease,tomorrows broken,fillmore,forget last year,the speakerfire,cute is what we aim for,I TAKE OUT LIONS,ect

i also love watching shows like DEGRASSI!!!,gilmore girls,boy meets world,friends and full house.

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Noah & Allie are true love.

This Day And Age is love.